Mike Thomas, Superintendent

Support Services





Welcome to Support Services!

16077 NE 19 Highway

Cross City, Florida   32628
Fax 352-498-1273

Jerry W. Evans, Director of Safety, Facilities, and Special Projects

Joe Mack Locke, District Technology Coordinator

Jennifer Van Ella, District Maintenance Bookkeeper

Paul J. Hope, Transportation Coordinator

Robyn Wilkerson, District Transportation Bookkeeper

Dwayne Leverette, Maintenance Supervisor

Greg Sheppard, Maintenance

Justin Leverette, Maintenance

Paden Kalishek, Maintenance


As the name implies, we represent a variety of services to each of our schools, departments and to our community through activities which assist in making your job, environment and surroundings enjoyable.  On many occasions, support services personnel are the first to see students as the day gets started and we want that to be a pleasant experience.


Our personnel have many years of combined experience in the technical, mechanical and business side of school operations.  Services include; transportation, maintenance, management information services (MIS), risk management, warehousing, energy conservation, communications, facilities and safety.  Each of these services plays an integral and critical part in each schoolsí smooth operation.  


Support Services is customer oriented and we want to make your job within our school a pleasant one!  If you are a community member, we encourage your input and advice on how we can improve our services.


Please donít hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns.






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