The Parent Liaisonís responsibility is to ensure that ESE students receive the educational services to which they are entitled.  In order for this to be accomplished the Parent Liaison helps facilitate the communication between parents and schools.  Assisting parents of students with disabilities who may need support or explanation of services and informing parents about the ESE programs that are available to their children is an essential component of the Parent Liaisonís duties.  They respond to requests by parents or school personnel.  The parents or the schools may contact the Parent Liaison when in need of assistance.  They serve as a link between home and school.


The Parent Liaison attends workshops and trainings to stay informed about the most current and pressing issues facing the ESE student and their parents.  They organize and conduct meetings to provide parents with information that relates to their childís needs.  The Parent Liaison issues a monthly newsletter, organizes ESE School Advisory Committee Meetings, makes available the Parent Resource Library, as well as any other services that would benefit the student.


The Parent Liaison helps parents work in partnership with schools to provide the best opportunities for their childís success.  It is essential that the parent and the student be informed, involved and share information in order to ensure that the student be given the opportunity to succeed.


The Parent Liaison for Dixie District Schools is Marilyn Philmon.  Marilyn can be reached by email at or by calling 352-498-6112.  She is available from 7:45 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.  Her office is located at the Old Town Education Center.