Mike Thomas, Superintendent


Instructional Services



Street Address

16077 SE Highway 19

Cross City, Florida  32628



Buddy Schofield, Director of Elementary and Secondary Education, 16077 SE Highway 19, Cross City  32628, 352/541-6337

Alexa Mills, Director of Student Services and ESE, 16077 SE Highway 19, Cross City 32628, 352/541-6335, FAX 352/541-6341

Carol Ann Forehand, Title I Coordinator, 823 SE 349 Highway, Old Town  32680, 352/541-6263, FAX 352/469-3027

Tracy Lee, Curriculum Coordinator, 815 SE 351 Highway, Cross City  32628, 352/541-6338

Karen Ganus, District Management Information Services,16077 SE Highway 19, Cross City  32628, 352/541-6339

Nicole Chesser, Certification Specialist, 16077 SE Highway 19, Cross City  32628, 352/541-6336, FAX 352/541-6304

          Student Progression PlanStudent Services/ESESafe and Drug Free Schools2018-19 Reading Plan
School Improvement Plans
           Anderson Elementary School     Old Town Elementary School     Ruth Rains Middle School     Dixie County High School

This division of the school system strives to provide needed services to all certified personnel employed by the School Board.


These services include but are not limited to: providing staff development activities; issuing and renewing teaching certificates, providing personnel information, monitoring the district’s equity plan.


In addition, Instructional Services provides essential support to the teachers as they provide instruction to the students in our district.


This support includes, but is not limited to the following areas:

Curriculum and Instruction

Student Assessment

School Accountability

Federal Projects

Exceptional Student Education

Student Services

Dropout Prevention

Career and Technical Education

Adult Education



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